GNOME at Linux Install Fest

On Saturday (a week ago, I know, I know, I had a full week 😦 ) there was this event called Linux Install Fest held at my university. It’s an event organized in order to help first year students install a Linux distro on their laptops (here at our uni, we work almost entirely on Linux, so we need to help those that have never used it and set up their distros 🙂 ).

Us, the 5 GNOMiEs (Iulian, Gabriel, Alex, Razvan and I), were just a few of the helpers that were running around (45 in total) trying to respond to the huge request of students wanting to hurry up and have a running (usually in dual boot mode) environment. There were around 220 students (new record actually 😀 ) that were present throughout the day, so it was pretty intense.



Of course, some of them were really desperate, as we weren’t enough helpers to accommodate the demand:


We used the L.I.F. as a first chance to promote GNOME in Bucharest. And we did. We handed fliers (that were designed by Bastian) and we talked about what GNOME is and what we do.

The two distros that we installed were Ubuntu GNOME and Ubuntu (the standard one with Unity). It’s worth mentioning that there were some laptops that wouldn’t boot the GNOME Live USB (for unknown reasons). Some of them wanted Ubuntu specifically, while others chose GNOME. There were also some unfortunate laptops that simply wouldn’t allow us to configure a dual boot environment (and we ended up either installing a virtual machine or giving up entirely 😦 ).

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good event and it was also our first try at promoting GNOME here, which worked out pretty well. We are actually looking forward for the next events (we have some in mind, but we need to dive into the details of them).

So stay tuned for more!


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