Aaaaaand it landed!

The ui tweaks for GNOME Shell (described in my previous post, here) have finally landed!

For the past two weeks we’ve been working on polishing what we previously had and fixing minor things, like misalignments. Then came the part then the CSS that deals with the visual part of the object had to be tidied up, and boy, that was a lot harder than it sounds, believe me.

But it was fun, having the CSS as a submodule of gnome-shell meant that I would learn how git manages submodules and, of course, harden my interactive git rebasing skills, since I ended up rebasing those branches 10000 million times :).

Next, comes another cool feature that will be very handy, which is this. Yep, gnome-shell users will be able to shut down their PCs by searching for ‘power off’ and then pressing enter. Cool, right?


P.S. I was amazed by the fact that the ui Tweaks were really appreciated by the community, as seen here.


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