SystemActions are almost done!

So for the past weeks I’ve been working on adding system actions to shell search.

The results so far can be seen in the picture below:


In total, there are 5 actions that have been added: Power off, Suspend, Lock screen, Switch user and Log out (only three of them are available in the picture, but trust me, all five of them are added).

The symbolic icons could be changed (the power off one, for example, doesn’t look like the one in the mockup that’s attached to the bug in bugzilla, but that’s trivial to change).

The final touches also include coming up with the list of matching terms for each action (for example, Power off might be matched by either of ‘power’ or ‘shutdown’, etc.).

So I can proudly say that Gnome-shell will soon have system actions present in the search results :).


8 thoughts on “SystemActions are almost done!

    1. Right now, upon clicking the Power off action you are prompted with a choice between Power off and Restart(and, of course, Cancel). This is the behaviour on the latest gnome-shell. This also applies to the action in the search results.


  1. good. some other DE do have that (*cough* *cough* unity *cough*), and that’s one of the things I’m missing in Gnome. I cannot wait till it will get mainstream (i.e. available out-of-the-box)! Good job!


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