Rebasing on the way

As the title says, the User Tracker and the Contextual Popovers are merged and work fine :D, all that remains is to come up with a logical history of the commits so that they make sense chronologically.

Basically, we’ll use the magic that git provides in order to combine, modify, split (and so on…) patches so that they look nice (way better than they look now) when they are going to be landed :).

I admit, the way I committed things doesn’t quite make this task easy, as I would often begin working on something, then commit that, then fix some other thing in some other part, and then commit that, then come back to the first thing that was committed, maybe modify that or delete it completely, or whatnot.

The reason for that is the fact that you cannot always predict what the next step will bring, and that’s totally fine. You don’t even have to. You just make the necessary changes, you end up in a place where you realize that you need to rethink some bits, and then you go back and do that. As I said before, our magical friend Git is here to save the day (only if i were a guru in that, which I am not, but still it’s fun).

More on this soon 🙂


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